Winter Skin Care Tips and A Skin Care Consultation

As the New Year advances it is a time for reflection, re-evaluation, and resolving to make 2018 the year when we protect our skin against environmental factors that cause permanent damage if ignored. Extremely cold outdoor temperatures and overheated homes and offices take their toll on our skin, leaving it dry, scaly, and blotched.

The wind chill factor contributes to below zero temperatures. Skin is easily chapped and becomes itchy with cracking and flaking.

Hot baths and showers are to be avoided despite our inclination to indulge.

Warm water is the best choice whether you shower or bathe. If you enjoy soaking in a tub add a cup of oatmeal or baking soda to provide a soothing element.

Make sure to use a pumice stone on a regular basis. This exfoliates the dead, hardened skin of your feet.

After bathing apply a lotion or cream to your skin that contains humectants. Use products that include sorbitol, mineral oil, glycerin, or alpha hydroxy acid that revitalize the skin.  Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is an old standby (1859) and provides deep healing moisture.  This contributes to skin staying soft and supple.

As you brave the cold outdoors make sure you dress appropriately.  A hat, gloves, scarf, insulated footwear, and a layered outfit provide protection. Eyewear is especially important in the event it snows.  The glare of sun reflected off of snow can be particularly damaging. Snow blindness, damage to the corneas, and cataracts can occur when eyes are not properly protected from UV radiation.

My absolute commitment as a plastic surgeon is to provide my patients with quality information and products to assist and ensure healthy and vibrant skin. Premier skincare products are available which I developed to maintain and improve well being and appearance.

I encourage you to schedule a consultation with me to explore your choices in developing a comprehensive skincare routine that is necessary for achieving these goals.

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