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dp skin care Story

Doctor Paula Moynahan, a double board certified plastic surgeon, discovered throughout the years of her successful practice, when her patient’s body-image improved through treatment or surgery, they also felt better and enjoyed an improved outlook in their lives. 

She observed the powerful correlation between the body-image, how one sees oneself, and how it profoundly affects how one feels about oneself.  She made this a primary focus of her practice and went on to teach her patients how to improve the look and health of their skin by making lifestyle changes and adopting an effective daily skin care regimen. She later coined the phrase “Change your Body, Change your Mind.” 

Doctor Paula worked with scientists to learn about effective ingredients that would be safe and science-driven.  In 1984, she developed and launched dp skin care, which she sold exclusively to her patients.

 dp skin care features pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that address the negative effects of environmental damage. These powerful and effective products are now available to you at


What makes dp skin care different?

dp skin care products are formulated using the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients featuring purified actives. dp skin care ingredients are especially effective because they target specific skin conditions using a proprietary delivery system.

Daily use of the dp skin care can improve the overall health and appearance of your skin by addressing the root cause environmental cellular damage.


The mission of dp skin care is simple: 

To Heal the Environmental Wounding of the Skin.  

Use dp skin care with confidence that you will feel renewed as the health and appearance of your skin is restored.


Stay Healthy, Stay Happy. Use dp skin care.